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For Public School and Trinity School Students
2016-2017 School Year


The Basics of our Program

Trinity offers two years of Confirmation instruction with the pastor beginning at grade 7, with the Rite of Confirmation at the conclusion of 8th grade.

Public school children participate in a three year program that may begin when they enter grade 6. At the grade 6 level, Level 1, children are required to work with their parents in memorizing each of the Six Chief Parts of Luther’s Small Catechism. Registration is requried for entry into this program. Materials will be given to the parents along with a form to keep track of thier child’s progress. This form must be completed and handed in to the pastor prior to the child being admitted into the Level 2 class with the pastor. Level 3 will be the child’s second year with the pastor. Upon completion the child may be confirmed.


What is the role of all parents?

At the beginning of five of the “six chief parts” of the Small Catechism you will find these words, “. . . in plain form in which the head of the family shall teach them to his household. “With this in mind the stage is set for the role of the parent when it comes to educating their children in the Christian faith. It is the role of the church, through it’s teachers and pastors, to help you in that task.

Parents are encouraged to talk with their child[ren] about their confirmation instruction and to set a good example of Christian faith and life. The use of Luther’s Small Catechism in family devotions will be helpful. Helping your child[ren] with assigned class work demonstrates concern on the part of parents. Weekly attendance at Divine Service and your participation in Adult Bible class serves as a model to children of the importance of Christ in their parents lives. This commitment does not end after the child is confirmed. You are to encourage your children to continue their walk with the Lord by faithful participation in the life of the Church. All of this is the obligation that God calls parents to. We are here to help you.

When and where will we meet?

Public School Students

Classes will usually meet at Trinity Lutheran Church in the pastor’s office.
3:45 to 5:00 p.m.

Snow Days: As a rule, if Trinity School is out due to bad weather there are no classes that evening. Should the need arise for other class cancellations parents will be notified.

Trinity School students

Meet in their classroom as part of their regular school scheduled.

What supplies/books will be needed?

A Bible – It is requested that the student have the New International Version (NIV) or the English Standard Version (ESV). The Bible should have at least a Concordance/Dictionary, Maps, and verse notations. Concordia’s “Faith Alive” Bible is available through the church office. Please speak with the pastor.

Luther’s Small Catechism (1991 Edition) – Available through the church office. Please speak with the pastor.

A two pocket folder will be useful for holding the handouts assigned for each week.

Our prayer is that confirmation instruction will be a blessing to the students and their families. Confirmation is a time of learning and a time of joy. As we read and study God’s Word we grow in a wisdom and knowledge of Him and of His great promises for our lives. May God bless our endeavors throughout this school year.

Yours in Christ’s service,